bdl-accelerate 2016

My favorite 5 Startups at BDL Accelerate 2016

IN-Nearby Activities

“IN helps you find the right people to join in on the things you’re into”

Most of us are somehow committed to at least one or two hobbies/activities. In most cases we expect others to be as committed as we are in the things we like to do. Yet, sometimes that doesn’t go as planned!

IN-Nearby Activities allows you to create an activity, invite people you know and make your activity public so that anyone can join. Now, the chances of having a complete squad for a sports game or any other social activity is much higher.

Download IN-Nearby Activities to check all available features (Chatting, Polls, etc.) !


Mama’s Apron #Sahtein Habibi

“Mama’s Apron is an interactive network that connects stay-at-home mothers with consumers who seek a healthy home cooked meal.”

“We want to see every mother in Lebanon join our initiative, provide a new source of family income, and become a household name-literally.”

The aim here is to provide a source of income for households and in the same time let customers enjoy healthy home made food. Mama’s apron will help promote and deliver food made by mothers. Customers will have the option to review the households and also the meals!

Sounds delicious!

The guys will launch the app in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, you can check them on Facebook


“Susurrus is a platform that helps brands advertise their products and services through influencers.”

Influencers are on social media, bloggers or people that have an expertise on their field, that create and distribute content.

As an SEO practitioner, content marketing is at the heart of what we do. Anyone who works in the field knows that finding and reaching out to the right influencers is not always an easy task.

Susurrus collects data from blogs and gathers information about the quality of their content and details about their audience. So, every time a brand wants to run a content campaign, Susurrus suggests the blogs that suit them best, monitor the results of the campaign and ensure that the content creators will be paid/compensated.


“CMILE brings together fragmented regulation, starting with insurance regulation Solvency II, with a vision to unify all financial regulation”

For me and many, reading regulatory text can be a headache. CMILE helps you manipulate such texts, get what you need from it and save for later.

You can now join CMILE Beta program !

My Kin

“My Kin helps you look after your loved ones from anywhere, and creates a circle of care from friends, family and professional careers”

So, My Kin is an app that keeps sick and elderly people monitored by their loved ones despite distance and commitments. The app uses technology similar to that used in fitness apps to track the movement of the patients or elderly. Also the app can track the social interaction of the patient/elderly. My Kin can be even more effective with the android smart watch app which provides info about sleep patterns and other behavior patterns.

You can now download the initial release on Google play store.


Finally, congratulations to Jaleesa team (the online child care service) for winning BDL Accelerate 2016 startup competition.

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