My favorite 5 Startups at BDL Accelerate 2016

Posted in Startups, By Rawad Mroueh

Nov 06, 2016

IN-Nearby Activities “IN helps you find the right people to join in on the things you’re into” Most of us are somehow committed to at least one or two...

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5 Essential SEO Practices for Ecommerce Websites

Posted in Ecommerce, Ecommerce SEO, SEO, By Rawad Mroueh

Sep 17, 2017

Optimizing E-commerce websites can be more complex than optimizing almost every other type of websites such as blogs, corporate websites or educational sites. That’s why there’s a belief across...

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A Glossary of Major Google Analytics Metrics and How they are Calculated!

Posted in Analytics, Google Analytics, By Rawad Mroueh

Oct 01, 2017

Google Analytics is the popular free tool we use to keep an eye on the traffic flowing to our websites and the various activities happening on it. Ideally, this...

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